NAHFF National Zoom Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021
Time: 6:30 PM Central Time



  • President’s Message
  • Board of Directors Introduction
  • NAHFF Strategic Plan
  • Chapters/Affiliates and Fire Department Updates

It is our honor to introduce the executive officers and adviser to the NAHFF.

Dr. Manny Fonseca
President, NAHFF
Nashville Fire Department
Nashville, Tennessee

Edward Davis
Treasurer, NAHFF
Dallas Fire Department
Dallas, Texas

Retired Chief Raynaldo Santiago
Northeast Vice-President
Camden Fire Department
Camden, New Jersey

Gustavo Gonzalez, Jr.
Western Vice-President
President, Los Bomberos de Oakland
Oakland Fire Department
Oakland, California

Salvador Morales
Past President, NAHFF
Dallas Fire Department
Dallas, Texas

Retired Fire Chief Eddie Casares
Chief Advisor to the Executive Board
Hartford Fire Department
Hartford, Connecticut

Preparing for a Promotional Exam – Part 1 Written Exam

Written by Chief Raynaldo Santiago, NAHFF VP, Camden, New Jersey

When preparing for your promotional exam, start with having a positive mental and emotional attitude. This will allow you to concentrate and retain the information that you are reading. Find out when the last exam was promulgated and the promotional list has been announced. From that point on you may have 2 to 3 years before the next exam is given.

Start gathering all of your reading materials. Make sure to have the latest version of these firematic books. Start by buying the books you know from your coworkers who took the exam that may pertain to some of the questions.

While reading the books out loud, record yourself, this will help you to reinforce and retain some of books while emphasizing some of the core base material. Practice technical knowledge using scenarios like Strategy and Tactics, Building Collapse, Hazmat, Incident Command, etc.

Planning on how to study your material may take several months. While reading and absorbing your material, take some Fire related classes at your community college, or at you state training academy that may offer courses on fire service tactics and fire safety courses; one or two at the most. You should also do some mock tests, at least one to two per week. In addition, prior to your test date, take one or two professional development test taking classes to redefine your test taking skills to determine your strength and weaknesses.


Message From The Treasurer

Ed Davis, NAHFF Treasurer, Dallas, TX

Hello fellow Members,

My name is Ed Davis, I have been a member of the NAHFF since its founding, and a past president. Currently, I am Treasurer and have been for the last several years. I want to reiterate our free membership initiative which runs until 2022, and asking you to get the word-out. Our goal is to double the membership this year. Anyone interested can go to our website at and register.

We are asking all Chapter/Affiliates to submit their membership roster database so we can effectively communicate with all NAHFF members. Why? It is to your benefit and your members! There are many opportunities available, such as Employment, Representing the NAHFF on a National level, National Fire Service committee involvement, Educational & Training opportunities, to name a few. We would like to decimate this information directly to help your local members. Also, we are currently funding the operation of the organization through our website job posting, advertising, and sponsorships. Please inform your local cities, fire department and businesses of these marketing opportunities. Again, these are important benefits for all members.


Chapter/Affiliate Spotlight

Los Bomberos de Los Angeles, is one of the oldest Bomberos Organization in the country and is the first affiliate highlighted on the new NAHFF blog. Their President, Patrick Isidoro Butler-Hoyos, is an Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. View their latest newsletter.

Los Bomberos de Los Angeles – Est. 1973
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 110 #812
Los Angeles, CA. 90045 


Become a Member

Become a Member

We invite you to join us in our inspiring endeavor. To register as a new member of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters, please fill out the application form.

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